Rise of Kingdoms is a real-time, strategy, and multiplayer game. You can expand, exterminate, explore, and exploit within the game. Players can choose one out of eleven different civilizations to lead. Shanghai-based Lilith Games create the game. The player will be placed as governor of a small city in a vast kingdom in the game. The Rise of Kingdoms guides will help you progress faster. The essential part of the game is the march queue. Players need to deploy troops for city reinforcements, rallies, barbarian hunts, resource gathering, and everything that involves the troops marching out of the city. If you will not log in to the game for a while, it is best to deploy all the troops to gather resources or rallies to barbarian forts or send a march for barbarian hunts.

At the beginning of rise of kingdoms guides, players get one builder, so use a boost to unlock builders. You will get a second builder when you reach a certain VIP level. It is essential to keep the builder’s hut occupied with upgrading projects or buildings. It is vital to do military research, which will help players to unlock higher-tiered troops. Ensure that the Academy is busy with technology research. It is advisable not to keep training camp idle, always keep it busy.

Training troops takes time, so keep training troops. In Rise of Kingdom, you can create multiple accounts. It is best to create a second account to help the main account gather and produce resources. The best Rise of Kingdoms guide is to join a strong alliance. Joining an alliance will benefit the city as alliances can conquer shrines that helps boost the alliance’s members. The boost will help increase research speed, resource production, and troops’ defense or attack. The alliance also has its own technologies that can be researched to supply various benefits and boost its alliance members.

Every time an alliance member buys in-game bundles, other members also earn free gifts through alliance gifts. Alliance can also help other fellow members speed up troop healing, research, and building progress through alliance help. The Rise of Kingdoms holds events frequently, and they offer various rewards to all players. Try to join and engage in all the events as much as possible. These Rise of Kingdoms guides will help you progress faster and advance in the game.


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