Dating is a stage in a romantic relationship where two people meet up. The purpose of the meet is to each assess the other’s suitability as a prospective romantic partner in the future. The advancement in technology has introduced online dating apps and websites. Online dating has become a popular means that offers a convenient and accessible dating approach compared to the traditional real-life dating world. It has eliminated the embarrassing set up by family and friends. It has also eliminated the first awkward meet-up. Online dating sites allows people to first interact with other through messages or calls on the online dating site platform. After getting to know each other, both parties can meet up and work towards a romantic relationship in the future.

Despite the launch of online dating sites, few people still find it difficult to meet new people. People with disabilities and mental illness fear being judged and, worst of all, being rejected based on their disability. It is difficult and almost a struggle to find a romantic partner without the intimidating feeling or the judgmental stares. As such, disability dating sites have been launched to meet the needs of people with disabilities and mental illnesses.

Most people might question why there are mental illness dating sites. Why is there a need for a dating site that is only designed around the disabled or people with mental illnesses among dating existing sites? Online dating has offered a convenient platform for people with disabilities to meet new people. It has eliminated the intimidating first meet-ups or the need to wade through the crowded bar, which can be uncomfortable for people with disabilities. However, it is still a task to find romantic partners who will understand and accept their disabilities.

The disability dating sites are a great approach that has led the online dating world to become more inclusive and understanding about people with disabilities. Disability dating allows people with disabilities to meet other people with similar experiences. It allows them to share and have a better understanding. Most importantly, without being felt judged or intimidated.